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Ruport Rehab and Performance in Troutdale, OR

About Us

Who We Help

Active Adults

who are struggling to keep up with your walking routine, finish their workout at the gym, or be able to enjoy the beauty of Oregon on your favorite hike


Who are trying to improve their performance and minimize pain to give everything they can to their sport.

Health Oriented Families

Who do not have time to deal with aches and pains and are trying to make sure they are well to be able to care for those who depend on them

Adolescents with scoliosis

Who are worried about surgeries and bracing and would much rather fix their problem naturally. Don’t worry adults, if you have scoliosis we can help you too!!

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About James

James helps active individuals get back to their favorite sports and perform better without injection, medication, and surgery.

James is familiar with the frustration that comes with not knowing what is wrong with your body.

James dealt with multiple injuries to both of his shoulders growing up hearing things like “it’s a stinger” or “its just tendonitis”… both diagnoses being wrong.  He ended up needing surgery because he was not given a good answer for 6 years.

After surgery the doctor told him it looked like the shoulder of a 65 year old.  James couldn’t help but feel concerned about his other shoulder, which was almost just as damaged.

As a former college athlete plagued with injuries and few solutions, James gets it. He has faced many of the same challenges you face today. He knows what it’s like to be scared about whether you’ll ever be able to be active again. It’s physically and emotionally devastating to not be able to participate in the workouts and sports you love.
Let’s be honest – it’s scary when you don’t know how you’re ever going to get back to doing the workouts and sports you love, especially if your doctor only offered pain medications, injections, and poor diagnoses and you’re so busy with work and family that it’s hard to find time to search for other solutions.

James has figured out how to keep active adults and athletes in the game, doing their workouts, and being active for life. That’s why he started Ruport Rehab and Performance- to make sure that no one has to suffer from the lack of care like he did as a young athlete.

If you’re serious about getting back to the workouts and sports you love, then Ruport Rehab and Performance is the place for you.

James is a Certified Manual Physical Therapist through NAIOMT, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA and an expert in functional movement training.