My MRI shows some damage, do I need surgery?

I have mentioned in previous posts that MRI findings are not all that they are cracked up to be with  aches and pains. You have people who have the same findings on MRI one with a lot of pain, one with no pain.  The one who has a lot of pain can figure out how to move differently and their pain goes away, but the MRI finding will likely be the same (at least in the short term).  My biggest problem is that the medical field perpetuates this behavior by electing surgery on these findings that may or may not be creating pain.

My narrative as I have mentioned in the previous post is that our movement and health changes our tissue quality (wrinkles on the inside or outside) and it also changes how tissues are being loaded and hormonal responses to this loading which may or may not cause pain.  This seems that tissue damage and pain are correlated, but not cause and effect.  Here is an article showing a weak correlation of damage and pain.  There are many research reports that back these findings.  with that being said, if these people without pain, were to try to increase their load or move more or move differently they may be at increased risk for pain (research has not explored this yet to my knowledge)
We have research showing that some of these elective surgeries are not as effective as the doctors tend to tell us.  here is a study showing no difference between partial menisectomy and placebo surgery at two year follow up. There is a good chance that these surgeries are affective because you are told to rest for three months and brace up your knee, back, or shoulder which allows the tissues to heal.
What should happen is intensive rehabilitation of movement patterns,  deep tissue massage to increase tissue hydration, sleep and lifestyle changes that will help decrease pain, improve hormone quality, decrease joint stresses and not require a doctor to remove part of your body inevitable speeding up joint degeneration. 
If you have been told by a Dr. that you should have surgery and you are unsure, click here to set up a free phone consultation with the doc

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