Knee Pain and Running

Knee pain is likely the most common complaint among runners.  In fact growing up and as I got more into running I always heard that running would caused advanced arthritis in the knees like it was a fact of life.  This simply is not true. 

In fact rhythmic loading of cartilage is necessary for optimal joint health.  With that said, how we load the joint likely plays the largest role in determining the joint health.  Which means that knee pain can literally be affected by every other body part with running. Today I want to talk about your rib cage with running, I often see people who do not move their ribs correctly while running, this can lead to uneven forces being put on the knee joint which can eventually lead to pain or joint degeneration.  If you have have knee pain and haven’t even considered how your ribs move with running we will likely find problems with how your ribs and pelvis work together. If you have knee pain and would like to find out why, you can start by requesting a free phone consult the physical therapist to figure out whats wrong.

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