Exercise Is Good, So More Is Better, Right?

I care a lot about my running community, I understand the freedom and clarity that comes with a quiet trail run through the woods, as Christopher McDougal stated in his book I know we were born to run, but I try to stay as objective as possible when I look at life and human behavior. 

Any exercise over 60-90 seconds starts to activate slow twitch fibers which run on slow oxidative metabolic processes.  We know that oxidation can be detrimental to us, hence the popularity of anti-oxidents. At a relatively low level this stress like any other stress can be good for us, but at higher levels this stress can be detrimental.  Here is a ted talk that shows early research that running more than 25-30 miles a week can be creating more harm than good for you.  The fault with this research is that it doesn’t look at other variables, diet, sleep, and various external environment that can be changed to change stress response and oxidation. 

I try to think of what our bodies are put through on a day to day basis compared to earlier humans that may be contributing to this accumulation of stress. One might be our disconnect from earth ie running with rubber on the bottom of our shoe.  The earth has a net negative charge and gives up electrons (google health affects of grounding). When we exercise we create free radicals. These free radicals are oxygen molecules that are missing an electron and can be damaging to the heart and arteries.  research is showing that being barefoot on bare earth can help take in electrons which may help neutralize these free radicals. If you have are worried that your exercise program is not geared toward sustainable health click here for a phone consultation and get your questions answered.

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