Calf Pain and Running

Calf pain is a very common issue with Runners.  There are a number of reasons why your calf might be over stressed with running, but one I will talk to you about today is your hip.  If you are not getting enough power from your hip extension you may be over using your calf to push off during your run.

The next question naturally is how to I strengthen my hip to improve my stride and decrease my pain?  First off it is not with those standing side kicks or clamshells that your PT has given you.  It also is not doing squats like your personal trainer has likely told you to do.  These exercises will not get to the root of your problems, and will likely make the issue worse. 

The reason many therapists and trainers think these exercises are great for runners is because runners tend to have weak muscles in the side of their hip.  Most therapists do not know that this is because running doesn’t actually use these muscles that much. So they are right when they think that these muscles should be cross trained, but the application is off and doesn’t transfer to movement very well.

If you are dealing with chronic or recurring calf pain take the next step to solving it by requesting a free phone consultation to find out how to best improve your pain and performance.

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