Back pain and Core training

Today I want to tell you that not all core training is created equal.  I have met so many people who have told me that they do all of this core training which is likely contributing to their pain.  If you are doing sit ups and crunches, stop

The “core” is very complex and developed over 2 million years through the forces that nature put on bipedal bodies (animals that walk on two legs).  These forces are walking, running, throwing, climbing, fighting, not repetitively crunching 100s of times.

We have 4 layers of abdominal muscle. The deepest compresses (pull belly button back) the next two rotate our trunk, and finally the 4th is the 6 pack that everyone associates with core strength.  If your lower abdomen does not pull back well while your talking, breathing, walking or exercising your “core” doesn’t work well, as simple as that.  Two other muscle groups in your core that are often overlooked are your diaphragm (your breathing muscle) and your pelvic floor (bottom of your pelvis which (simply put) are involved with poop, pee, and sex.  These muscles also need to be optimized to have a healthy core. 

I also consider the inner thigh, ribcage and butt muscle to be part of the core as they play a huge role in how your pelvis moved.  (can you see how silly hundreds of crunches or long planks with poor form seem?)

Your core is your center of mass, if it is not optimized you can literally develop problems in every part of your body.  If you have body pains, know your posture is bad, know your core is not working optimally, or want to improve your performance with your daily activities, you need to learn more about your core.  You would like help you can apply for a free visit with our therapist here and figure out what is wrong.

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